tuta intera olimpiadi pattinaggio sul ghiaccio
tuta intera olimpiadi pattinaggio sul ghiaccio Made in Italy sportswear for girl and women. Original and refined jumpsuit for ice skating with a deep neckline on the back and a pattern of intertwined strips in the Olympics colours. Made in Italy outfit for ice skating: Olympic colours stripes over a black jumpsuit. Close-fitted sweat jumpsuit with cap sleeves with olympic colours inserts. Made in Italy sportswear: perfect fit, breathability, full freedom of movement in ice skating. The light-fleece jumpsuit is embellished by the back motive of intertwined bands of fabric. Technical jumpsuit for girls and women. A special outfit for ice skating competition and practice. Black jumpsuit in cotton-fleece fabric featuring a motive of intertwining strips of fabrics in the Olympic colours.

Olympic Noesis Jumpsuit



Full-Length sweat jumpsuit with cap sleeves and olympic colours inserts.

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Close-fitting jumpsuit with flap sleeves in light fleece fabric, that allows extreme freedom of movement and practicality in ice skating. The particular pattern of inserts on the front highlights the figure. The jumpsuit features a deep neckline and intertwined coloured bands on the back. The contrasting bands standing out over the black jumpsuit represent the colours of the five Olympic circles.

Curiosity: the Greek word associated with this model is NOESIS, which means Thought.

Main properties of the fabric: Gauzed texture, Thermal protection, Perfect fit, Bacteriostatic, Soft, Shape retention, Resistant to pilling.


Made in Italy product.

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II – 10 years, III – 12 years, XS, S, M


Technical thermal clothing 250 g/m2

Fabric composition

How to Wash

Indications for care and washing of garments, to extend their life span, preventing deterioration of fabrics, coloured or spangly inserts and all and any applications: Hand washing > use warm water and a mild detergent. Squeeze gently. Machine wash > set the program for delicate articles of clothings, wash inside out, cold, with mild detergent and other items of similar colour that do not release colour. Fabric softener is not required. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Do not iron.