About us


We are an all-female Italian company founded on creativity and Made in Italy.

For several years we have been locally producing technical sportswear for training and competition: pants, jackets, shirts, tank tops, leggings, dresses and jumpsuits.

We take care of the entire process: from model design, to manufacturing, to worldwide sales. What makes our garments unique is the high level of manufacturing and the quality of the raw materials used, as well as the original and sophisticated style.


The world of LOGOS

Discover Logos World, where dreams meet the art of skating and the lure becomes irresistible.

If we have intrigued you, this is the place where you can find out more about us: who we are, what we do, and why to choose our garments.

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The name Logos comes from ancient Greek and means “word, concept, idea, reason”. Metaphorically it was intended as the divine spark of intelligence that distinguishes humans from animals. That which enables a person to dream and create.

No other name could have described us better: we dream and create clothes with a gritty style that is never banal.

Each collection has its own precise character in which the athletes can recognize themselves.

And there is more. Some of our models have Greek names that represent concepts such as strength, balance, tenacity, perseverance and courage. All qualities of the true athlete.

Why did we do this? Because we wanted that every sports warrior, when wearing his armor, could remember what really matters. To the point of feeling it.

So, in every single moment, put on your goals: wear your mind!

completi termici per pattinaggio su ghiaccio
abbigliamento originale per il pattinaggio artistico


The Birth

Logos has two creative souls, Valeria and Erica, who over time have made it become a leading brand in ice skating apparel.

It all started in 2012, when Valeria, after completing her studies in Design and a professional modeler and stylist course, began working as a freelancer designing and making sportswear. It was through her partner, at that time a competitive skater on the Italian Pairs Dance team and now a well-known choreographer, that she was introduced to the world of Figure Skating.


For a few years Valeria practiced Figure skating and this experience allows her today to perfectly understand the needs of skaters.


Moreover, it was during those years that Valeria got to know and collaborate with many athletes, both Italian and international. For them, she created customized and unique competition dresses and training outfits.


However, it was only in 2018, when Erica met Valeria, that together they decided to make Logos a more structured reality.

Finding reliable suppliers and partners for production and creating their own international sales channel through the e-commerce website quickly paid off.

In fact, Erica, also a Designer, brought her technical skills and customer service experience to the table, helping Logos grow into an increasingly present and valued company in the international skating world.

From the union of the two creative souls of Valeria and Erica and constant comparison, new collections are born that are captivating skaters of all ages. Together with the trusted collaborators who have joined us, we are ready to make Logos the top leading brand in ice skating apparel.

Today, wherever there is ice, there is also Logos.

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Why choose us


We love what we do: designing and producing sportswear with original style. This has been our life choice.
We love sports and like to experience them firsthand, so we are familiar with the needs of who practice sports in general and of figure skaters in particular.

The design of our garments is studied with these specific needs in mind, but without forgetting aesthetics and fashion to enhance the elegance and silhouette of the athlete. Thus, collections with a unique and sophisticated style are born.


Care and attentiveness

Our garments are made with great care and all exclusively in Italy. We choose high quality materials and guarantee you a careful craftsmanship.

If there is one process that knows no end, it is the constant improvement of our products, with the goal of providing a great fit and maximum comfort.

We are always attentive to our clients’ suggestions and needs, and we are happy to assist you both in the pre-sale moment and also in the post-sale moment. How do we do it? Both in person and through our always-active, always-timely Customer Service Department.



We support local artisans and rely on workshops close to our headquarters. With short transportation routes, we keep CO2 emissions low in moving goods.

We rely on suppliers who themselves care about sustainability, and all the packaging we use to ship our garments is reusable, recyclable, or made from recycled raw materials.

In addition, we have introduced -with increasing frequency- in our collections the use of fabrics made from recycled yarn.

We accurately calculate fabric consumption and do not produce excess garments. Some of these are produced exclusively when an order is placed.

Our collections are not seasonal; they last over time. This way we avoid overproduction and do not have to get rid of our garments, produced with love and care, after only one season.


100% Made in Italy

Our production is 100% made in Italy. This means craftsmanship, attention to detail, product quality, but also ethics and decent wages in the production process.

We would like to point out that more than 90% of our suppliers are located in Italy: from the one who supplies the fabrics, to the one who produces the labels of individual garments or the boxes in which we ship orders, etc.

Therefore, we can say that ours are truly 100% Made in Italy products!